Van Nuys Sober Living

Why is Van Nuys A Great Sober Living?

Every sober living is very different in many regards. Each has its own unique structure and architecture to turn young men and women into people with care, compassion and self love. What makes Ark1 La different from the rest?

Ark 1 LA has found it’s place in the recovery community through many many years of experience with getting sober and staying sober. That is the important part, You need to stay sober in order for this process to be effective. If the program that you are thinking of becoming a part of, does not have a long history of keeping it’s residents sober, what is the point. Any place can lock you in a room to give you 60 days of sobriety. But not every program can groom men into becoming valuable members of the community. We teach men to learn how to love themselves. They do this by learning responsibility, selflessness, , respect, hard-work, and every day value in life. Our biggest goal is to see the light flash on in a young man’s eyes. To see them start seeing the world through a new pair of glasses is the most beautiful experience of my life, and I continue to value that moment. That is why I continue to push to see men get sober and open a new path for themselves.


Living A Sober Life

Here is my experience with living a sober life. I struggled through many years of alcohol and drug addiction. I finally had dug myself in a deep enough hole that I reached out and I asked for help. I was young, scared, and hopeless. I did not think in my wildest dreams I could live a happy and fulfilling life without drugs and alcohol. That is the only way I knew to find a small taste of happiness. 

I jumped into a sober living with no reservations. I wanted to dive right in and give this thing a shot. I told myself, “If i work this program to the best of my ability for 90 days and it does not work, I will get high again.” The sober living welcomed me with open arms and an army of people I could confide in, have fun with, and love like my family. As an alcoholic early in recovery, this sense of structure and security meant the world for me. I was guided by loving staff and fellow residents of the program to become something I did not think was possible. Through the process of learning to become a new me, I found a new love and joy for life. Without drugs or alcohol! I was having fun in sobriety, and I never thought it was possible.

The next step for me for finding happiness was to look for ways I could give back what was so freely given to me. That is where i continue to help alcoholics and addicts and look for ways to show them a fun and exciting sobriety. to give them hope that we can live sober and we never have to go back to the life that we used to have. Van Nuys just being over the hill from our Hollywood Sober Living, come check us out!


What we can do in Van Nuys

The beautiful city of Van Nuys has incredible weather. On top of being very near downtown Los Angeles and everything they have to offer, Van Nuys has many awesome adventures to go be a part of as well:

– Hike and Hollywood Sign

– Go enjoy at Universal Studios

– See the beautiful view atop the Griffith Observatory

– Spend a day in Andres and Maria Cardenas Skate Park


Van Nuys Sober Retreat

If a loved one or yourself has been struggling with alcohol and drug addiction, please do not hesitate to give us a call so that we can help (661) 233-9249