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Ups and downs are a part of life. However, that doesn’t mean when you’re down, you cannot or should not seek help. Drug abuse has led to the devastation of many lives around the world. People residing in Santa Monica are facing the same situation. With so many under the influence of drugs seeking help, opting for sober living homes is the best option. Santa Monica ca is the perfect place to get accustomed to living life sober.  Sober living homes are meant to be in a place where people can see themselves creating a beautiful life with goals and aspirations. This is the mindset to get sober. A sober living in Santa Monica is the perfect place to make this happen.

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What are Sober Living Homes in Santa Monica?

As evident from the name, Santa Monica sober living homes are rehabilitation centers with a very specific purpose. These homes are created to make sure that people suffering from substance influence and disorder can come and leave clean. More importantly they start to grasp the idea of recovery not just being abstinent. The core focus of our sober living which makes us so great, is that we prevent people with a dependence on drugs to maintain their sobriety long-term.

Why Sober Homes in Santa Monica are Created?

The one question that arises is when a person has to work on being sober himself, why should he join a sober living? The answer is the supportive behavior that is provided at these homes. A person who is suffering from drug addiction can become antisocial due to their health. Moreover, having access to drugs in any manner keeps them at bay from developing routines to become sober.

That is why sober living homes in Santa Monica become an optimal choice because of the following reasons:

  • These sober livings provide a moral and supportive environment for the addicts. The staff working here are dedicated to providing support for those that want to get clean.
  • There is no judgment. The programs established at sober living homes are designed to help people get clean. The staff offers assistance to the people in setting their routines to get independent from the drug abuse.
  • These homes help secure the future of the people. Those who are addicted to drugs of any kind often ruin their life, family, work, etc. However, once the person is independent enough to be declared medically sober, these institutes help rehabilitate people. This is done by supporting the former addicts in finding work, getting them back to their families, admitting them to educational institutions, etc.
  • Better treatment environments guarantee an addict’s way of going clean. There is no access to drugs anymore and every admittee is given special attention to help them recover from the abuse.
  • The programs are scheduled and admittees are engaged in helpful but less stressful activities. These help in keeping the minds of the residents away from the lack of the substance they’ve been addicted to. Moreover, the side effects of withdrawal are also taken care of. As they continue to grow as individuals in ark 1 la sober living, they are given more and more responsibility.
  • Aftercare plans are established so that any patient can remain sober even after leaving the house they learned to be sober at. Our recovery community is a big one. Most of the graduates of our program end up moving out together and stay in contact in their sobriety for years to come, nut just at our structured sober living home.

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Sober Living Homes in Santa Monica, CA

To be precise in answering, yes, sober living homes are indeed beneficial. With so many cases of drug abuse, helping people rehabilitate from the abuse can be difficult. Sober living homes construct safe spaces for the admittees so that they can channel all their focus on recovering.

In addition, these homes also take up the full-time responsibility of the addicts in case they require residency. This is perhaps one of the biggest perks of opting for sober homes because these homes allow addicts to stay at the center for as long as they want until they’re reedy to leave and make a fresh drug-free beginning.

Furthermore, these homes provide a variety of treatments while offering a comforting environment where admittees can have a start of recovering.

How to Choose a Sober Living Home in Santa Monica?

Even though there are several sober living homes in Santa Monica, one should make effort in knowing whether or not the home is offering a clear and tested program to keep alcoholics sober. Therefore, some things must be known about sober living homes.

One thing that has been made clear from the research that those living in sober living homes are less likely to relapse towards their past life. These pets are kept in as a part of the treatment so that the patients won’t feel alone. People often react and feel happy while interacting with animals and keeping in-house animals is one of the parts of recovery treatment.

Apart from that, if a couple wishes to live in these homes, they can opt for co-ed sober living homes. However, if you or someone you love needs recovery, having someone that can possibly bring you the drug is something that sober homes want to eliminate. This is the reason why these homes are mostly single-sex so that residents don’t have any chances or face any distractions in the path of their recovery.

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Questions to Ask the Sober Living Home:

  • You can check for drug testing schedules and environment at your Santa Monica Sober Living so that the resident is in a safe place
  • Since residents need time to become sober, you need to check for the amount of time they would be there, the number of residents present, and the structure of the home i.e what are they offering to the patient.
  • You also need to check regarding the staff; their experience, methods of dealing with addictions, and treatment programs.
  • Lastly, you need to know about affordability. Having so many patients and offering them drug recovery treatment costs money. That is why you need to know the plans of the sober living home you’re choosing so that it may reconcile with your finances.


Our Santa Monica Sober Living

These are the most important questions that you will need to ask yourself when choosing a sober living. Our sober living covers all of these questions beautifully. We are a well-established sober living in Los Angeles. This is a huge city with many things to do. Santa Monica is just a piece of this much larger Los Angeles city, just under Van Nuys. Our staff all have been sober for many years and have all gone through a sober living home in Santa Monica. We know what it’s is like to go through the process of a sober living, that is why it is easy for us to help. We understand the alcoholic mind and body, and we know what has saved us from years of alcohol and drug addiction. 

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Why Create a Sober Living in Santa Monica?

Choosing sober living in Santa Monica is the best way to recover and rejoice in the lost happiness of your life. One must not feel down and should strive to better himself while admitting and spending time in sober living homes. It’s not only better for oneself but for those who are around you and want to see you bounce back to life. 

Things to do Sober in Santa Monica

  • Santa Monica State Beach-

    Miles and miles of beautiful white sand beach. Lounge around on the beach or surf at one of our many famous surfing spots!

  • 26 Mile Bike Path-

    This winding stretch of bike path is stunning. grab your bike for a day of exercise and beautiful views. Make sure to pack a lunch and some water, the trip can be as long as you want it to be

  • Third Street Promenade-

    This amazing street, lit up by Los Angeles lights has just about everything you need! From the amazing shopping opportunites to fancy sit-down restaurants you will enjoy yourself. Though this stuff might be amazing alone, the street performers are the real show. Talented performers line the street to show you what they got. 

  • Santa Monica Pier- 

  • The Santa Monica pier is quite the sight to see. Food, drink, and a lot of fun line the whole pier standing right on top of Santa Monica Beach! hop on the Ferris wheel and enjoy the beautiful view of West Los Angeles from above.