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Sober Living Santa Barbara, CA

Santa Barbara County covers 2738.5 square miles of the Central Coast between Ventura and Luis Obispo counties. The county is a rich community having agricultural berry fields, tourist attractions including sea views, and majestic mountain ranges. The estimated population is 435,850 and the largest city is Santa Maria with a population of 100,277. A lot of its area has farm and agricultural lands. The unavoidable fact about wine grapes production in Santa Barbara is that wine grapes are one of the largest harvests throughout the county.

Statistics about underage drinking and binge drinking in Santa Barbara and Ventura County indicate that 6% of 7thgraders, 14% of 9th graders, and 26% of 11 graders are using alcohol. Also, 34% of Santa Barbara residents 18 years of age and older are participating in binge drinking. The Marijuana and Heroin drug use rate has also been increasing. This increasing drug abuse is leading to heart, liver, and kidney diseases, cardiovascular problems, respiratory system damage, weakened immune system, and other infectious diseases. 

The county is extreme with regards to alcohol and other drug use and substance abuse because protective factors are abundant as well as high-risk factors. There are a diverse economy and collaborative political landscape. A large part of Santa Barbara’s economy is based upon industries that include winemaking, tourism, and hospital leading to a rise in substance abuse. There are currently 74,000 households living in poverty.

 In response to the situations, Santa Barbara Sober Living homes are dedicated to helping the Santa Barbara County recover and maintain sobriety. Many people choose to enroll in Santa Barbara Sober Living home after graduation from an inpatient or outpatient treatment program. Let’s find out how these Santa Barbara Sober Living homes help people with substance use disorders.

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What is a Sober Living Home?

Sober homes are a place where people go to either achieve sobriety or maintain it. These homes are intended to provide all the resources for people with substance disorders in recovery or post-recovery situations. So, if you prefer a long time housing situation within a community, Santa Barbara Sober Living homes are the best option for you. The Santa Barbara Sober Living homes are now an essential part of the addiction recovery process for many Americans with substance abuse. Santa Barbara is an amazing and diverse county with countless choices for dining, education, healthcare, and socializing. If you’re new to adopting a sober lifestyle, Santa Barbara Sober Living homes can help you. 

Recovering Substance abusers might choose to live once they have completed their treatment programs. A person might choose to stay at a gender-specific home or an alternative option. The Santa Barbara Sober Living residences can be condos, apartments, or even luxury compounds. Also, there may be private gyms, classes, nutritional guidance, private kitchens, and internet services available as supplemental offerings.

Santa Barbara Sober Community

Just finished your rehab program and not ready to be a part of society again? Are you ready to get live a purposeful life and hang out with your friends like before?! Nothing is impossible and you need just some additional support to recover from your addiction. Santa Barbara Sober Living homes are what you need to be a part of a supportive community where everyone helps everyone to get back to normal and integrate back into society. A supportive and care environment at Santa Barbara Sober Living homes is intended to offer you great advice, educate you about real-life situations and provide you with the skillset to help you be a part of society again.

People with substance abuse disorder will learn how to deal with the day-to-day uncertainties of life. When you leave the sober community, you will feel a new sense of purpose that comes from your hard work and dedication. There are meetings where people at different stages of sobriety share their stories, receive support, and make new friends.

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Things at a Santa Barbara Sober Living

While you’re sober and you want your sober friends to come over and enjoy the city’s interesting and beautiful outings. Santa Barbara is full of healthy and active activities so that you can enjoy a lot of sober fun activities.

Hiking –

Take a hike up while the beautiful scenery, fresh air, and natural views surround you filling you with positivity and freshness. You can choose the Tunnel trail or Jesusita trail to have fun.

Visit Botanical Beauty –

Santa Barbara Botanical garden has a collection of plants you will love. There are amazing Redwood sections with plants from 1930. Also, you can consider visiting Lotusland, or Santa Barbara Orchid state.

Visit Museums

Santa Barbara Museum of Art is a great place to visit with a great mix of an exhibition focusing on both Impressionism and Social attraction. Also, the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural history another wonder you should consider.

Go Fishing –

You can head to Stearns Wharf and buy fresh fish. There will be a touch of the aquarium, shopping, and food options as well.

Things to think about when choosing Sober Living

When you decide to set yourself up for success, the next step is to look for a decent sober living house that commits and promises to get you back to society having your sobriety maintained. While there are thousands of Santa Barbara Sober Living homes, you have to choose one that offers quality and features that ensure your recovery.

Let’s take a look at the qualities and features you need to look for when choosing a sober home:


It is important to choose a sober home that implements more than following a routine. It should include rules and regulations with a zero-tolerance drug-free environment.

Drug Testing-

Regular testing will be a great addition to the rules so that you stay accountable to yourself thus becoming a better person.

Supportive and Experienced Staff –

The solid structure and supportive staff will be greatly helpful for your success and having professionals will keep you in line.  


Sober living homes cost and you need to choose the one that won’t break the bank.

Length of Stay –

Most sober living homes allow you to stay for as long as you need. Some provide periodic evaluations to assess your progress. So, find one that allows you to stay for the sufficient time needed to recover.