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Being the second-largest city in California, San Diego is located next to the Pacific Ocean and Mexican border. People find this to be the perfect place to get sober because of its serene beaches and soothing climatic conditions. When it comes to the demographics of this city, approximately 59 percent of the population that resides here is white; however, there are various ethnic groups as well that have started living here. We are a very welcoming city.

Manufacturing, the biotechnology industry, tourism, and military activities are the major sources of income here. San Diego is a city where the substance abuse problem is one of the major issues that people are dealing with. Much like many cities around the US, drug addiction and alcohol addiction are one of our leading causes of death. Thankfully, there is a wide range of options for people who are willing to lead a sober life. One of the most popular approaches is an aftercare program in the shape of a sober living.

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What are Sober Living Homes?

It requires constant care and determination if a person wishes to lead a sober life. Stressful relationships or peer pressure can increase the chances of relapse in a person. That’s why it is important to have a safe environment at home, as well. One of the best ways to make sure you have a beautiful support system and friends to keep you afloat is a sober living.

Sober living homes are housing arrangements for people who are trying to abscond their addictions. It is a transitional setting in which people having the desire to get independence can live peacefully. It is a well-structured home where drug-addicted or alcohol-addicted people can lead a sober life. We push people in the right direction through mentorship, expert staff, and state of the art support system.

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Support System

Basically, sober living means a place where people have no distractions and temptations. People who live in sober living homes in San Diego have absolutely zero access to all kinds of drugs and alcohol, and they can rebuild their sober life skills in a very easy manner here. At Ark 1 San Diego sober living, we use regular drug tests to make sure our house here is safe for the rest of the residents. We do not take relapsing lightly. Our staff has an amazing track record of keeping people sober. Our Residents that have graduated the program and branched out onto the beautiful road to recovery often help the guys here understand how to live sober. We introduce residents to the thriving community of sober people right here in San Diego.

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    One of the common problems that an addict has to face is that they get abandoned from their society, which declines their motivation to get back to a sober life and increases their obsession with drugs and alcohol. An alcoholic often gets so removed from society itself he or she has no friends or family left. They come into treatment after burning all of their bridges. We provide the family that someone needs to stay sober. Lifelong friendships are forged in our San Diego sober living. 

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    But people who are willing to recover from any kind of addiction should feel content because San Diego has a welcoming and supportive community for these people. The neighboring places and San Diego have a 12 step community where people can truly focus to get back to their normal lives. We thrive off of the beautiful family that we are able to build for ourselves. This is one of the key aspects to building a life around sobriety instead of the other way around. We preach the principles that an alcoholic needs to set up long term sobriety.

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    AA Recovery

    There are different meetings and seminars that take place in San Diego, wherein people can come and share their stories. There are different stages in any rehab program, and during these meetings, you can meet people of different stages, make friends, also you can receive constant support and guidance. The best part of these meetings is that they are free and open to all.

    You can meet different people and ask about their experiences. It will help you in making a successful strategy to stay sober. In this community of San Diego, you will come across many people who have been sober for many years or have been struggling to get through their addictions. Our sober living will embrace you into our community as well as push you to gather a bigger community for yourself.

    Sober Living Network in San Diego

    You can find and make different networks if you want to recover from your addictions. There is a wide range of options for the people who are looking to have intensive care as well. Since substance abuse problems are major, you will find many recovery options such as rehabilitation centers, halfway houses, and sober living homes.

    In order to lead a sober life, these places provide all kinds of resources that enable people to focus all their energy on their journey. It is true that it becomes highly challenging for an addict to give up on their obsessions, but with sober networks in San Diego, you can learn different ways to help you cope with your distractions and temptations.

    Depending on the requirements, people may need different treatments and programs. With sober living networks, you can find the best treatment for yourself and for your loved ones. When it comes to a sober living home, we are the type of treatment that can really help you solve the problem of alcohol and drug addiction for good.

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    Sober Fun things to do in San Diego


    People from all over the world come to San Diego to spend their vacations here because this place has many attractions. It is extremely crucial here to mention that all the exciting ctivities can be enjoyed here without consuming alcohol or drugs. For the people who are willing to lead a sober life, “sober fun” is a new thing that you can enjoy here. Well, it may clearly sound contradictory, but still, there are many things that you can do without going intoxicated.


    If you are living in Sober Living Home in San Diego, you can invite all your sober friends and relatives for a fun activity that does not involve alcohol or other forms of drugs. Or there are different options of “sober fun” available in San Diego which you can consider such as San Diego Museum of Art, San Diego Zoo, Point Loma, Balboa Park, SeaWorld, Gaslamp Quarter, etc.


    What to Consider when Choosing a San Diego Sober Living Home

    If you are looking for a sober living home in San Diego, then there are few things that you should consider. There are many options that can leave you overwhelmed because there is so much that goes into choosing one of these facilities.


    It is always beneficial to trust your close friends and relatives’ recommendations rather than going with the results of the internet. It always proves to be good to take advice from someone who has been in the facility in the past. Therefore here are some questions that you must ask and consider before finalizing the sober living home:


    What was their staying experience?

    Would they really recommend that facility to friends and family?

    What was the best and the worst factor about the stay?

    Were there drug testing sessions conducted?

    What were the provisions of security?

    What was the daily routine of the facility?


    Constant care and accountability are required if a person truly wants to give up all kinds of addictions. A sober living home in San Diego provides the best opportunity to do this. You will get a sense of recovery, comfort, and peace while living in these homes.

    We are just south of our Los Angeles Sober Home. Come check us out and see the amazing life that we have to offer you!


    If you or a loved one is looking for help getting sober and taking the first steps to live a new life please call (661) 233-9249