Sober Living Malibu

People can grow past anything that they are going through. Our Malibu Sober Living offers an instant solution for the addicts to provide a structured living style. Distraction-free but not easy. We provide structure and support for all of our residents so they can slowly become adjusted to living a sober lifestyle.

The Road to Recovery

Our Malibu Sober Living permits those individuals to meet the new challenges to go through the addiction and recovery process in Malibu. Sober living home Malibu helps people choose the right option to be cured of their unnecessary cravings and stressful thoughts. It does not offer formal treatment; however, we work through the mandating methods.

Why Sober Living is Important?

Humans have a natural tendency crave what makes them feel better. They lean towards those things that gives them and instant feeling of satisfaction or ecstasy. That is the problem that alcoholics deal with everyday. This substance abuse leads to a drawn out pattern of substance abuse to make themselves feel better over and over again. Eventually the alcoholic cannot think about a life without these drugs and alcohol.

What is a Treatment Center

This is where a treatment center will come in. Ark 1 Malibu Sober Living allows people to leave behind all the cravings and build a new strong structure to get the most favorable outcomes. Our treatment comes in all shapes and sizes to fit the individual as well as we possibly can.

What Does our Malibu Sober Living Do?

We have personalized treatment services for each of our residents. We deal with things such as money management, where we teach these men to spend and save their money appropriately. Our expert staff also deals with medications, and makes sure the residents are getting what they need but not in a way that the prescription medication can be abused. We do on-on-one mentorship with the men as they progress through our sober living foundation. They begin to learn what it looks like to be kind, respectable, and responsible.

Sober Living Malibu California

It urges people to meet new individuals and feel the real recovery process by staying sober in their current life. Ark 1 Malibu Sober Living has instant treatment methods by our team of expert staff and doctors.

Bring Positivity Into Lives

Ark 1 Malibu Sober Living permits people to recover themselves instantly and boost their positive attitude towards the healthy solemn and joyous life in a minimal timeframe.


Our sober living forces individuals to make good decisions in their life and live a healthy and sober one. We encourage individuals to promote their inner strength by believing in themselves with helping hands.

Length of Stay

It depends on the condition of the individuals. Our program releases the treatment plans according to individual needs. The mental peace in our facility gives power to the individuals to think about their healthy and sober life and quit their bad habits and past ways. Sometimes this may take time. Our sober living is designed to crush old habits and create better character. This can take time. The road to recovery is different for everybody.

Manipulating Thoughts

Sober living home Malibu refreshes your thoughts and converts them into positive outcomes. Our Sober living in Malibu encourages the people to become the best version of themselves under its excellent supervision.



Our sober living in Malibu is not a flop house. We take relapse very seriously and it will not be tolerated. The men at our establishment are closely monitored throughout their day and are also given regular drug tests. Our members soon into their recovery process begin to be accountable for one another. They care for each other’s recovery and if they stay sober. This is not a place where people waste their time getting treatment that doesn’t work. It is secure and the positive approach to deal with stress and addiction.


It is a sober living house in Malibu CA, and individuals can utilize the time by applying for jobs and learning new skills to further their long term careers. We are concerned with the long term success of our residents and I cannot stress that enough. We are not in the business of keeping our residents sober, we are in the business of creating lives for these men that they, themselves, would not trade for anything. That is how you stay sober long term.

Malibu Recovery Community

Sober living in Malibu is responsible for recovering the alcoholic community and adheres to reasonable care and management policies. Our all facilities are equipped with the savvy resources where individuals can relax and feel the enjoyable moments of treatment and recovery. As our residents grow, they are introduced to the massive community of Malibu and Los Angeles.

Living Sober in Malibu

From what I have learned, becoming sober has allowed me to really appreciate the great outdoors. We are just down the coast from our Santa Barbara Sober Living from Malibu is one of the most beautiful places in the world. There are rocky mountains and ravines all up the coast of Malibu where there is much to do. Many of our residents enjoy time hiking our mountain biking through the beautiful trails that Malibu has to offer. Just up the hill from the beach, there is Solstice Canyon Loop, Escondido Falls Trail, Backbone Trail, and many other. The beach is just a step away.

Beaches in Malibu

Along with the mountains, Malibu California sports beautiful beaches all up and down PCH. With their gorgeous white sands, good waves, and relaxing vibes, Malibu beaches have been put up against some of the best of the world. Many of our residents begin to learn how to surf or just enjoy laying in the sun.


If you or a loved one is struggling with drug and alcohol addiction please call (661) 233-9249