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Los Angeles has a massive group of people that are suffering from drug and alcohol abuse that could use sober living homes or some sort of addiction treatment. Studies have shown that about 890,000 people, or 8.8% of the population of Los Angeles 12 and older are suffering from this addiction and could use a recovery program or addiction treatment. Unfortunately, this massive number is probably much higher. This number only accounts for those that have been formally diagnosed with a substance abuse disorder.


Many of these people are incapable of unwilling to ask for help. Hundreds of thousands of people not just in Los Angeles, but around the country are never introduced to any sort of recovery program such as a Sober Living. These people often do not have the resources or or will power to make this change themselves. Family or friends can be the first push that young alcoholics and drug addicts need to mover forward in their life and finally conquer this substance abuse problem.

Sober Living or Treatment Center?


Primary addiction treatment centers are not able to provide long term addiction care. These treatment centers usually provide emotional help for your mental health and physical sobriety for a short period of time. However, they do not have the resources or time allotted to really get an alcoholic on the right track of recovery. These addiction treatment centers provide just basic level sobriety and usually an introduction into a 12 step program. By no means after just a few short months would most people be ready to face the world on their own and succeed. alcohol treatment is a much deeper individual issue that can usually be solved by a sober living program. Sober living is designed to give an individual the role models and mentorship they need to discover within  themselves how to stay sober. Our community lays the framework and provides the services necessary for the residents to learn, grow, and lead a new life altogether.


 Sober Living in Los Angeles


Los Angeles Sober Living Homes are the perfect place to start or continue with your sober living recovery journey. Between the many things to do in Los Angeles Ca and our goal-focused, personal growth system, Ark 1 has a long history of getting and keeping men sober. We have continually pushed to better our environment, a vibrant neighborhood that makes our resident’s feel safe. Along with our expertly trained staff and amazing recovery community, our residents get the comradery and mentorship that they need to grow as individuals. That is why we are one of the best sober living homes in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Ca Sober Living Home

Every single sober living house will have a very different level of requirements and structure before getting started with the program. We are true to our mission of getting men sober. We do not just get them sober, but we set them up for a life of sobriety. Our Los Angeles sober living is the perfect place to learn how to love your life as a sober man. Between the lifelong friends that you can meet and the many fun activities to do right here in the heart of Los Angeles, the foundation of a long happy life is at our sober living. What are some of the most important questions that you should ask in order to find a sober living in Los Angeles that fits what you are looking for? 

Questions before Considering Sober Livings in Los Angeles:

  1. What kind of recovery is the sober living using?
  2. Are we allowed to date while a resident?
  3. Are we allowed to work a job?
  4. What are the thoughts on the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous?
  5. What are the requirements for me to be a resident of your sober living?
  6. What is the daily structure?
  7. How are the residents of this sober living held accountable?

Why is Gender Specific Sober Living in Los Angeles Important?


Sober livings are separated by gender for a very good reason. As a brand new alcoholic or addict in recovery, usually we are in a very fragile mental state. We take that mental state and meld recovering addicts into strong men in society. there is no room for distractions in most sober living homes. That is the reason we are a men’s only facility. For addicts and alcoholics, the best thing we can do is take away all distractions: that means social media, dating, even working for the first few months in recovery. This gives us the quality and very necessary time that it takes to grow as individuals. We can use this time and free space to work on becoming comfortable with ourselves and our environment in recovery. As time goes on and we start to grow into that role model figure, we can start reintroducing some of these outside factors to reestablish ourselves back into society.

Los Angeles Sober Community

Having a peer group that comes from a similar background, and are struggling with the same issues of drug addiction and alcoholism, can be a huge bonding experience for residents, and helps to create positive and lasting friendships that are rooted in recovery. Some treatment center recovery programs do not do the same. What separates our sober living in Los Angeles Ca from other places, is the bonds that we grow in our residence are just as important as the bonds that we grow with the Los Angeles sober community. We push our residence to make new lasting friendships. From Santa Monica to San Diego they will have a support system for the rest of their lives.

Getting Sober in Los Angeles Experience

At one point in our lives, either we’ve done or we’ll do alcohol, weed, a psychedelic or any other drug. I feel strongly that we should all strive to live a sober life. And I speak from experience. I’m not telling you what to do. You can do whatever you want. You can smoke weed, you can drink alcohol, you can do any drug you want. It’s your choice. It’s your life. There is no right or wrong decision. And please don’t take that as me telling you to go and do heroin, because I’m really not telling you to do that. I mean, that might not be the right choice for you, but what I’m trying to say, and I’m going to try to keep this as simple as possible because I will never smoke weed, drink alcohol, or take a psychedelic or any of these drugs again.

Taste of Freedom

What we are experiencing is that little hint of freedom, right? And the freedom that we experience is through the mind, right? We experience freedom from the mind.  But this freedom that we experienced, we get so attached to it. And we say, Oh, well, when I drink alcohol, all my insecurities kind of go away. And I feel like I can loosen up and I can just be myself. When I smoked weed, I felt like all my senses got stronger. Now I feel like I can delve into my thoughts more. When I do psychedelics, I feel like I have this new take on life. I can see things that I wasn’t seeing before. I think I can tap into this a spiritual side of life. But it’s not real fredom, it’s a short sensation of what it is like to be free. You can get that exact same sensation stone cold sober. I have felt it many times myself. 

Sober Housing in Los Angeles

You know, you take a drug and that makes you feel all this energy. you just feel like you are on top of the world. It allows you to experience that hint of freedom, but with a huge drawback. The huge drawback is that there’s always a come down. You know, you always come up short of that first experience. You get that taste of freedom and then boom, you come right back down and are back to feeling lonely and helpless. Now, if you start living the sober life, I’m not going to lie to you. It kind of sucks at first.

Live in the Moment

But if you are here, if you allow yourself to be here in the present moment, if you breathe, if you meditate, if you exercise, if you live life, if you just allow yourself to experience life, you will begin to experience that hint of freedom more and more and more and more until one day you now have control, whether or not you are going to be in the present or whether or not you’re going to use your mind. This freedom from mind that you get to experience is the greatest experience in this life. To be able to experience that freedom whenever you want that, right there is living.

That is why sober living homes were right for me when I got sober. I came to Los Angeles California right when I decided that getting sober was the right move. My substance abuse had a hold of my life for years. I was done feeling horrible, living fearful of what was to come in my life. I had never felt what real freedom was like much less did I know what to expect. Coming to Los Angeles and being able to see Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, was where I had a thought. Maybe life out here, sober, won’t be so bad. I lived in a sober living home, but i was not confined to that home. They taught me how to make friends in recovery. I became connected to the biggest sober community in world right here in Los Angeles California. That was the start of my long term sobriety, and it continues on.


Things to do at our Los Angeles Sober Living

We believe that through the recovery process of substance abuse, there is a very necessary balance of working hard and learning how to be sober, and having fun in your sober living home. That is what this is all about right? Learning to enjoy yourself and company in sobriety. We believe that if we teach our residents to love themselves and enjoy the time that they have here, they will have a really good chance at staying sober over the long-term. Substance abuse is merely a symptom of a much deeper issue. Southern California is the place to be as a young male. Living in Los Angeles is a beautiful place along with everything that the city and the beach has to offer. from west Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood, Los Angeles has much to offer.

Some fun things to do in Los Angeles are:

  • Little Tokyo
  • Chinatown
  • Arts District
  • Visit beautiful restaurants, such as El Pueblo de Los Angeles
  • See a show at Walt Disney Concert Hall

A long-term recovery plan should incorporate daily fun and activities. There definitely is no shortage of fun to be had in Los Angeles. As one of the biggest cities in the world, east and west Los Angeles combine areas such as Santa Monica, Hollywood, Beverly Hills and more to create a very different collection of smaller cities. With beautiful views from the peak of Santa Monica mountain, to the stunning skyscrapers in Downtown Los Angeles, here you get a piece of everything. We highly believe that outdoor physical activity can help with things like depression, anxiety, tiredness, and lack of motivation. A little bit of exercise every day can really make an impact on how you think and feel!

More Fun in our recovery Community:

  • Surfing
  • Beach
  • Volunteering
  • Basketball
  • Fishing
  • Rock Climbing
  • Hiking
  • Exercising

Ark 1 LA- Los Angeles Sober Living


If you or a loved one is looking for help getting sober and taking the first steps to live a new life please call (661) 233-9249