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There is no denying that recovery from any form of drug addiction or alcohol addiction is quite a tough task, and for most people, it is a lifelong journey. And this is not a bad thing. To start the sobriety procss, one may need a detox program or a rehabilitation program. There are many cases where it has been observed that when people return to their home after having such treatment, their ability to live a sober life is compromised. However, if a person has the best resources by their side and has professional attention, then the process of getting sober becomes easy and fast. That is where a sober living aftercare program can save someone’s life.

What is a Sober Living Home?

Sober living homes are the best option for people who are looking for ways to lead a sober life. In these houses, we go above and beyond what inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment are able to do. In inpatient treatments, people are kept under constant medical supervision in order to ensure faster recovery from addiction. Inpatient programs focus too heavily on physical sobriety. Ensuring physical sobriety and teaches things such as trigger warnings, bad habits and other taboo ideas that can cause a person to drink or use drugs again. On the other hand, outpatients usually do not provide nearly enough support for an adult trying to get sober. Visiting a treatment center once or twice a week for a couple hours is inefficient in the first few months of recovery.

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Long-term treatment Plan

When such living conditions are offered to the addicts, it becomes easy for them to recover at a fast pace. Thankfully, you can find a number of sober living homes in Long Beach, California. The way to re-enter normal and sober living becomes simple and quick. The below mentioned are some benefits of such homes that you can consider if you want to go sober in your life:

Support System

One of the supreme benefits of living in such homes is that you will have constant support from the house managers and other tenants. You will have onsite managers living with you who will remain available for 24 hours in order to help you in your recovery. You might have cravings, the rush of emotions, difficulties in your job, etc., but you can talk to them at any point. In many sober living homes, you will find medical facilities and alumni as well, who can talk about their experience. When an addict is constantly surrounded by guidance and motivation, it becomes extremely helpful.

Park with Palm Trees at our Long Beach sober living

About Long Beach Recovery Community


If a person who is willing to lead a sober life gets access to resources, then there is a possibility of much faster recovery. In Long Beach, there are many communities that open-heartedly help people in overcoming their habits of drugs and alcohol. The substance abuse problem is a major issue which people are dealing with these days, and recovery communities offer great support and guidance. People who struggle to lead a sober and the people who have been sober for many years can find these communities useful. 

Guidance and Support

In Long Beach, a 12 step community is present, where people from all backgrounds, age, sex, and ethnicity are welcomed. Here people can share their stories and inspire other people to lead a sober life. The meetings held in these communities are helpful to a great extent because people get to make friends here, meet different people with different addictions, and prepare their strategies to adopt long-term sobriety. Most people lack guidance when they chose to lead a sober life, and therefore, they relapse in between their journey. All the meetings and seminars that take place in the Long Beach recovery community are free of cost, and they are accessible by everyone. 

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    Sober Living Network in Long Beach


    Long Beach has a wide range of options when it comes to extensive care that is required by the people who want to lead a sober life. The neighboring places of Long Beach also have different options that people can consider. There are many halfway houses, rehabilitation centers, sober living homes where people can find safety, space, and different resources that can be used to lead a sober life. 


    Sober Living Recovery


    A person should have perseverance and motivation; then, it becomes very easy and quick to join back the normal life that does not involve alcohol or any kind of drugs. There are two major treatments highly recommended to the addicts; depending upon the stage of their addictions, they can choose between inpatient and outpatient treatment. These treatments help people build their own social networks from where they can receive support and offer it to others. When an addict is surrounded by medical supervisors and those who are suffering from the same issue, they get motivation, and hence the purpose of the network gets fulfilled. 

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    Fun Things to Do In Long Beach:


    Long Beach is just on the outskirts of Los Angeles. Deciding to live a sober life is indeed an incredible transformation in life. There are many activities which you can perform that do not require alcohol and other drugs. Long Beach is a very happening place where people come to start their sober life. But you should remember that be it an indoor activity or outdoor; you should not come under someone’s influence to try alcohol for once. 


    You can plan to visit Koreatown; there are many spas that remain open for 24 hours. Sky Zone is a place where you can enjoy jumping on trampolines. Bowling, live shows, skating, arcades, etc., are some of the activities that you can try as sober fun. 


    Facets of Choosing a Long Beach Sober Living Home

    Recovering from any addiction will take time, but surely it is possible. While choosing a sober living home in Long Beach, you can consider different options according to your suitability. Some of these homes allow friends and family to come over; while some may not, there are any SLHs where pets are kept so that people can enjoy their treatments. There is a huge number of options available for couples as well. But make sure that when you are considering sober living homes, you are checking some important qualities such as:

    -Regular Drug Testing Facility
    -Number of Residents
    -Length of the Stay
    -Structure of the Treatment
    -Suitable Location
    -Mode of Transport
    -Management and Staff Members
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    We are here to guide you into the right direction. We want to push you or your loved one to a sober living home that has your best in mind as you learn to live a long-term sober lifestyle and learn to adapt your lifestyle. Make sure that you stay determined and motivated throughout the journey of being sober.


    If you or a loved one is looking for help getting sober and taking the first steps to live a new life please call (661) 233-9249