Living Sober Is Not Scary

Addiction is a fierce disease that affects millions of people around the world. There are countless families being ripped apart, young and old dying, and ordinary people affected by others with addiction issues. It is not uncommon for even the most resilient addict to fail trying to get or stay sober. For most addicts, getting sober is about as daunting a task as it gets. Most addicts have a certain fear regarding what sobriety may entail. But it is important to shut down such fears in order to lead a long sober life. It is true that getting sober may seem to be scary to some people. Be it addiction to alcohol, drugs, or other illicit substance; it is crucial for an addict to understand that there are more benefits of getting sober than the wall of fears you might see. It is often said in the recovery community, “my life is beyond my wildest dreams.” Not being able to see the beautiful nuances of embracing sobriety, as an untreated alcoholic, embracing sobriety is often a long-shot.

In the process of sobriety, the first step is to realize the meaning of becoming sober. It means that you will have to admit that you are going through a substance abuse disorder; many people feel scared even in admitting this fact. As a result, fears start stemming from the very first stage that stops addicts from getting professional treatment and help. Here we have listed some common fears that people have about getting sober and the ways to overcome them. 

Common Fears about Sobriety

Following are some of the common fears that people have about sobriety. Remember that you might end up driving back to your temptations if you do not learn to manage them correctly.

Not having enough willpower to win:

One of the most common hurdles that people have in their lives is the belief that they don’t possess enough willpower to finally beat their addiction. When people have such a fear, it stops them from achieving anything in their life. An addict will make hundreds of excuses because he is being fearful of succeeding. It increases the chances of relapsing into drugs and alcohol again. You never know until you try, and with help from a treatment center or sober living this can often become easier than one may think. 

Fear of becoming boring:

Drugs and alcohol often give people the courage and freedom that enables people to act without thinking too much. People are scared that if they get sober they will lose this piece of themselves for good, The fun, talkative, free-spirited piece of themselves. The process to becoming truly sober, involves losing those fears that control how you act around others and the perception that you have of yourself. An addict can feel that same sense of courage and freedom that you get readily from a bottle or a bag of drugs stone cold sober. This is the reason that people stay sober. Ark 1 Sober Living pushes to create fun and loving individuals that lead exciting and adventurous sober lives.

Fear of having a boring life:

People think that when their life does not revolve around getting drunk or high, it will become absolutely boring. But if you have this fear, then it is crucial for you to think about your routine, as going out and drinking and/or taking drugs with the same bunch of friends is not actually entertaining. When people take alcohol or drugs on a daily basis, they start to rely on these substances 

Fear of being labeled as an addict:

As mentioned earlier, that people fear admitting the fact that they are going through addiction. The thought of being labeled as an addict for the rest of their life becomes extremely scary for people. It is important for you to remember here that people who are actually dear to you will not judge you on the basis of your decisions. Sobriety is a lifestyle, and not everyone has the ability to believe in that.

Fear of losing friends:

People hate the idea of leaving their old life behind. More than that, people are afraid of the unknown. On the outside they are scared of losing “their fun and freedom in the form of drugs, but on the inside they are afraid of losing what they know. They are scared of experiencing a new life and a new experience. Maybe leaving toxic relationships behind you will save you in the future. To start a new beautiful life of sobriety one must have an open mind, and be willing to leave their old ideas behind.

Ways to Overcome the Fears Related To Sobriety

There is a scary prospect of leaving everything  that you know in the past. So do your best to turn this thought from fear into excitement. In sobriety, your mind will be clearer; you will have more energy, money and time.  The upside of living sober go far beyond the loss of feeling sick, hangovers, and the emotional guilt that one may experience.

Start naming your fears:

One of the common blunders that people usually make is not naming their fears. Fear thrives when there is a lack of confrontation. When an individual never confronts their fear, it continues to rattle through their head. However, as soon as you identify and label the fears, you can start noticing the diminishing effect of them. Depending on the situation, an addict may have several fears, but to conquer all the fears, you need to take the first action. Name them, realize that they are not rational fears, and continue to push back against your fears.

Make a list:

You are required to make a list of the advantages and disadvantages of quitting drugging and drinking. It is one of the simplest ways to realize that sobriety might be the right choice. Some of the items on the list could be, saving money, physically feeling better, work better and your job, etc. When you have a list ready in your hands, you will realize that there are more benefits of much more benefits of getting sober than continuing to drink. The benefits could be short-term or long-term, but they will definitely outweigh the physical and mental consequences of addition. 

Spare some time for research:

When a person lacks knowledge, they start scared; therefore, in order to remove your fears, you are required to put in some time for research. When you gain knowledge about sobriety, it will become easier for you to walk on that path. Read about the cons of your addiction. You might be experiencing some physical symptoms, loss of income or job, etc. Start reading about the recovery stories of other people who have gone through the same problem, as then you will realize that sobriety is achievable.

Select your treatment options:

After knowing about the benefits of sobriety, if you are still afraid of sobriety, then another way to overcome. Treatment options are here to pick you up from your tough life and show you sobriety without all the fear and hesitation. Sober living can give you the community and the confidence you need to start a new beautiful life. Join us and we will walk hand in hand with you to push past your problems and start building a foundation of recovery.