You want to learn how to sober up as quickly as possible! Lets see, have you just woken up and need some tips to feel better? We will go over what we mean by sober up, some of the common misconceptions of how sobering up works, and what are the best ways to get rid of that pesky hangover. Here is the short answer:

None of these methods will get you sober.


What does Sober up Mean

There has been much study into the affect that alcohol has on our bodies. One facet of their research has to do with BAC levels and how quickly our body can metabolize the alcohol content in our bloodstream. Our level of intoxication whether legally or casually can be measured by our BAC (blood alcohol content). It has been found that bac, blood alcohol level, metabolizes in your body at about .15 percent per hour for the average person. No matter if you try every trick in the book, your levels will not go down. Our methods to sober you up is all about how you look and feel for the day ahead. These methods will not reduce your blood alcohol content. If you are thinking of getting behind the wheel, please do not!

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Myths on How to Sober up Fast

Myth: Eat Fatty Foods

There are many misleading posts about how eating fatty foods will absorb some of the alcohol in the bloodstream. This just is not true.

Myth: Drink Coffee or energy drinks

Drinking coffee is a very tricky one. On one hand coffee will make you feel much more focused and alert. On the other hand this new feeling of focus can give you a false sense of security and lead someone to drive. Drinking coffee will not make you more sober, just a bit more alert.

Myth: Cold Shower

This is much like drinking an energy drink. Cold showers are often related to shock, which in turn can cause focus and attentiveness for a very short period of time. This affect will not last long. As a way to feel better after a long night of drinking, feel free to do so. Keep in mind this will not actually sober you up, just give you the impression of being sober for a short duration.

Myth: Purging or Vomiting

When you look at the research done on alcohol absorption, almost all of the alcohol that you drink is absorbed in the first 10 minutes. So unless you throw up within that timeframe of taking a sip, you are not doing anything for your intoxication.

Myth: Multivitamins or charcoal capsules

People believe that in the short term multivitamins can help with your body’s overall ability to metabolize food and drink. Even this is only true to the smallest fraction of the sense. Staying healthy with vitamins is a great idea, but to try to use these vitamins to get sober quicker is absurd.

Myth: Charcoal Pills

Charcoal capsules have been known around the health and scientific field of being the single best absorbing agent of the bunch. This leads people to believe that these pills can help absorb alcohol, thus becoming less intoxicated.

This is not quite the case. this charcoal would have to then be ingested before or just after taking a drink. On top of that, studies show that charcoal does not bind well to alcohol at all. So even if you took charcoal capsules before drinking, the charcoal does not bind well to alcohol or decrease your bac levels.


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How to avoid being overly intoxicated

1.Eat before you drink-

Go into your drinking with a full stomach people!

2.Alternate between alcohol and water-

This may be the simplest and most effective method for slowing down your consumption of alcohol. If you are able to drink a glass of water between every drink, it will greatly decrease the amount that you consume. Even more important, this will keep you hydrated throughout a night of drinking, and you will wake up feeling much better than you would otherwise.

3.Pace your drinks-

If you are able to put more of an emphasis on the other aspects of the night other than drinking, you will not be so rushed to finish your drink. Have fun with an activity, or be more engaged in conversation.

4.Count your drinks-

Know your limit and stick to your guns. The power to say “I will only have 2 tonight,” then sticking to that promise to yourself is a very powerful ability. Make yourself proud.

5. Make it a single-

Hard liquor is the quickest way to surpass your limits. Try to stay away from the hard stuff. If you are also drinking a glass of water between every drink, this makes it much harder for you to overshoot the mark.

6.Start drinking later-

Instead of starting to drink at 4pm, try to plan some activities in the early evening. Exercise, read a book, or have fun with a hobby. The later you pick up that first drink, the less you tend to drink throughout the evening.

7.Avoid drinking with heavy drinkers-

The more people are drinking around you greatly affects your ideals on how much you, yourself should be drinking. Just because your friends drink a lot, does not mean you have to as well. Have safe and responsible company.

8.Do not drink when you are emotionally upset-

This can change your mental state with alcohol. Giving yourself excuses to drink into oblivion is the last thing you want to do. Waking up feeling horrible with regrets is not how you deal with being upset.

9.Do something fun at the same time-

Drink around your plan, do not plan around your drink. Do something you really enjoy with good company and the drinking will be much less attractive.

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Steps to Drink Responsibly

1. Plan your transportation ahead of time-

Simple! have a designated driver when you go out. If you do not have a designated driver, take an Uber, Lyft, or Taxi to and from your designation. Never drink and drive.

2. Take periods of abstinence-

This can be a very good way to moderate and limit your drinking. This will slowly release all alcohol and it’s effects from your body, lowering your tolerance and keep you healthy. Learn to have fun when you are sober and the pull of alcohol subsides drastically.

3. Have a support system-

Drinking with a friend, can serve as some sort of accountability. Tell him or her your intentions with drinking: plans on travel, how much is too much, etc. Hold each other to the standards that you have set. If worse comes to worse, you have somebody to take care of you

4. be careful about drinking on Rx medications-

 Many medications can have very severe side effects on the body if mixed with alcohol. Some of the medications are: ADHD meds, painkillers, antidepressants, muscle relaxers, anti-anxiety medications, antibiotics, and diabetes meds. The side effects can be severe damage to liver, dizziness, changes in blood pressure or heart damage, and upset stomach or vomiting. Needless to say, ask your doctor about drinking on your medications.

5. Set a Limit-

Create a hard line for yourself that you will not cross. No matter how lenient this line might be, by being consistent while setting a limit can save you many headaches over the years. You do not want to wake up again and say “I shouldn’t have drank that much.” be responsible.


I have already outlined how the body works and the effect that alcohol has on your body. We discussed how alcohol is metabolized and why some of the things you have been told may not be true at all. Now that you all know there is no real way to sober up fast, lets discuss some of the things you can do that may help get you feeling better as soon as possible but will not decrease your bac levels:

Staying hydrated is a good healthy start. Drinking water throughout your night of drinking and before. Fluids carry much needed nutrients to your brain, heart, and muscles all over your body. Around 4 liters a day could help you to feel loads better.

Take a shower. For me taking a shower can give me a much needed push in the morning from my usual grogginess towards something much more alive. Cold shower could do the trick as well and shock you out of drunkenness.

Coffee. You may or may not be this way, but for many caffeine is needed to function early in the morning. I love my black coffee. Even for some 2 cups a day is not uncommon.

Exercise. Staying healthy by exercise can help you feel energized and focused. Sweating can also help excrete toxic and harmful substances produced by alcohol and other unhealthy behaviors.


What we are looking for is healthy behaviors. I am not telling you to never drink, but drinking can easily start taking over days without you thinking about it. We are looking to build up healthy behaviors within our alcohol consumption and after our alcohol consumption. This way after a night of drinking we can get up the next day and have a fun beautiful day ahead. No one wants to wake up after a night of drinking feeling hungover with no energy. If you take a second to follow the steps outlined above, you can feel much better than you would have otherwise.

Exercise outdoors to fix hangover and be sober


Did you find what you were looking for in how to sober up fast? Alcohol can cause much more than a mild headache when you wake up. Thousands of people die every single year related to drinking and driving. The idea that there are steps someone can take to sober up so that they are safe to drive is wrong and has to be avoided. If there is 1 take away from this article, do not drink and drive. I hope for much more, that you can control and enjoy your drinking. If you continuously have a hard time to take some of the steps above, there is a good chance that you have an alcohol problem. Please reach out to your health care provider.


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