Hollywood Sober Living


Are you battling stubborn addictions to quit it all anyway and badly need to recover your mental and physical health? Our Hollywood sober living is the solution for all worries in these crucial circumstances of any individual life. Smack in the heart of Los Angeles.

Sober Living Home in West Hollywood

Our sober living home in Hollywood provides the absolute best aftercare program in Los Angeles. With a long history of experience in the field, Our expert staff has lived the life themselves, therefore they are able to understand and deal with the daily struggles of our resident’s addiction. We have experienced the life of addiction and have recovered from addiction and alcoholism. We have lived the journey of recovery and understand what it takes to begin living a beautiful sober life. From our Long Beach sober living all the way up through Santa Barbara, we have the knowledge that it takes to keep men sober long-term

Our Sober Living Home

That is what we teach here. We push our resident’s to begin to understand and focus on a clean and respectable sober life style. Giving our residents in our Hollywood sober living a safe environment with as little distraction as possible. Our residents are finally given the time and space that they need to begin focusing on themselves. Our recovery program begins with physical sobriety but does not stop there. Our main focus is the mental stability of our residents. So that they may begin to think for themselves and make great choices in their life. Our Hollywood sober living has cared for people to get back on their feet.

Recovery Program

We provide many different types of support for our addiction recovery addiction treatment. West Hollywood just in between Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, our recovery house demands that our residents be clean and sober. We used drug tests throughout their stay to ensure sobriety. Our sober living residents learn to use money management to their advantage. We keep track of our residents money as they begin to work. We work alongside the residents to ensure proper budgeting and finance for their future. Especially as they begin to get closer to graduating our west Hollywood recovery program, our clients are pushed to move out with other sober members of the community and start a beautiful life.

Hollywood Sober Home

Seeking for a right cure and treatment is the most effective and shortest way to overcome your addictions. Sober living home Hollywood is having concerns into the lives of those suffering a complete denial from society to make them acceptable in the community with pure straight intentions. This sort of outpatient program permits people to open up easily to get convenient outcomes. It can be a beneficial journey to get a sober lifestyle in a minimal period. Based in Hollywood, Sober living home, Hollywood offers its patients with lavish and extraordinary living homes throughout Hollywood and living an enticing sober life without having doubts and fears. Read on to bring out the more practical favours of straight living home Hollywood.


Fun factors at Hollywood boulevard.


Hollywood Boulevard

If you are a shopping and food lover, then the Hollywood boulevard is the most fascinating and fantastic option at the present day. There are numerous restaurants and a shopping mall to facilitate visitors through its charm and charisma.



Food is essential for living a wealthy life. There are so many Hollywood boulevard restaurants to fill the hungry stomachs of food lovers roaming there searching for a pleasing aroma. Additionally, it has some Chinese and American restaurants so people can visit and experience the delicious food.


Los Angeles Zoo

No doubt, animals are agreeable and unspoken friends. Individuals can visit the zoo and take photos with the very interesting animals and birds found here. Makes for a great day of fun!


Madame Tussauds Hollywood.

There is a Madame Tussauds Hollywood museum with a broad collection of wax statues including the world’s most highlighted and famous personalities.


There are more than 70 retail stores, including lots of alternative dining options to experience the full fun factor at going one. Theatre and Dolby theatre increase its charm, and it also has an enticing and alluring nightlife.


Men’s Sober Living Styles

It is globally proved that men-only sober living homes are the most effective assessment to help out the persons openly. It provides a secure, safest and stable residency policies for the individuals to recover them from the addictions suffering at the moment. Moreover, Residing in the men’s sober living homes helps get full personal support and care. These uncounted things make a big difference in an individual’s life and decrease the ratio of relapse.


The very first essentials.


  • Money management 

It helps people to save their money for long term assessments. Individuals can learn how to manage money at the moment and spend it all on the essentials.


  • Experienced staff

Sober living homes always have the professional and dedicated staff to show the patients’ good caretaking through their effective healing methods.


  • Drug-testing

Weekly drug testing improves health and stops individuals living in sober living houses.


  • Safe environment

These sober living houses are very secure and safe due to its professional security in premises and medications.


  • Reinstatement into society

It urges confidence and helps individuals live again dominantly in their old niche with a positive and enthusiastic attitude.