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Addiction recovery is not limited to rehabs; it requires continual care. It’s a continuous progressive process that doesn’t happen overnight. If you or your loved one is battling substance addiction, then you may need time and calm space to heal. You may require to adjust back to your healthy everyday life. 

It’s like putting efforts to re-establish yourself; that’s why Ark 1 sober living home can be of help. Sober Livings in Beverly Hills offer people in recovery a super safe space to live, heal, and grow— without drugs and alcohol.

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Our Sober Living in Beverly Hills- Ark 1

If you’re looking to learn more about Beverly Hills Sober Living, you’re at the right place. Below we have defined what a sober living does, why it is important to have a male-only sober living, and fun things to do in the area.

Beverly Hills Sober Living— Experience the Beauty & Calmness of a Sober Life

What else could be a better place to jump into healthy and sober living than into a home built carefully with love by those who can understand you deeply?

Sober Living you Can Trust

At ARK 1 Sober Living, we know the importance of finding comfort and balance as a person maneuvers his way through the addiction recovery’s tough journey. Together we created a strong recovery community!

Life could be challenging when you are sober. It can help even toughest when you’re in a recovering mode. As a newly sober, beginning to learn how to relive again, you may need to contain all the required focus and strength to succeed. That’s why ARK 1 offers super safe and distraction-free sober living homes.

Foundation of Recovery

We have built our Sober Living with a foundation based on sobriety, recovery, and health. For us, authenticity, accountability, achievement, honesty, community, and respect is everything. We hope that you will too adopt these values as your own.

What Does a Sober Living in Beverly Hills Do?

Beverly Hills sober living houses are structured to avoid several limitations of halfway houses. For instance, sober living homes are based on alcohol and drug-free living environment for people attempting to abstain from drugs. More than that we are here to restructure the residents perspective while they are in this safe environment. We are here to mold young men into the role models that they are mentored by while in our aftercare program.v

Services Offered

There would be no formal treatment services, but either mandated or greatly encouraged participation in 12 steps groups to comply with house rules, like maintaining sobriety, paying rent, and participating in house chores.

Why Do we Stand Out!

There could be different types of sober living homes, where each sober home operates very differently. A lot of sober livings are just a safe place for someone to live. They learn to pay rent, work a job, get new friends. The way that we are different is through the 12 steps of alcoholics anonymous and close behavioral modification, we are able to get these residents to want to change who they are. They suddenly become people who want to live a good honest life. We have had the pleasure of seeing countless young men grow and become outstanding members of this society.

Why Is It Important To Have A Male Only Sober Living?

While specifically talking about gender-specific sober livings, we can make the whole process of recovering from a drug substance use disorder feel safe, enjoyable, and super effective. Living in a community of men allows you to open up with the most sensitive of topics freely. 

Men often have to face issues related to their addiction, which they find it impossible to discuss around women. Addiction badly affects every aspect of an individual’s life, including mental & physical health, sexuality, and family life. 

Moreover, in general, men are more likely to be prone to intense outbursts and compulsive behavior. So having a gender-specific home for men is not only to help manage these behaviors, but we have the experienced staff necessary to deal with these situations.

Why Is Structure Important In A Beverly Hills Sober Living?

As an affected individual is already going through a lot and changing their lifestyle, it’s important to have a structure for everything. A good structure helps people to feel accomplished and gain responsibility; it helps with goal setting and achieving them. During addiction treatment in sober living, it’s necessary to set a schedule to keep you from having downtime. As you know, during recovery, having down time can make the drink or drug sound good. So having a routine gives you a sense of familiarity and purpose. 

Beverly Hills City Limit

Landmarks in Beverly Hills:

Beverly Hills Smack in the heart of Los Angeles ca.

There is no shortage of fun to be had in sobriety. Especially in the middle of Los Angeles. Here are just a couple of highlights to checkout. Very close to Santa Monica.

Brady Bunch House

Here comes the most famous house— Brady Bunch House, known as the second most photographed home in the US. It offers 2 suites, 2,477 square foot single-family house has much to offer. The attractive thing about this house is you’ll be taken back to the ’70s.

Urban Light at Lacma

It’s a large-scale assemblage sculpture by Chris burden, located at Wilshire Boulevard’s entrance to the Los Angeles county museum of art. It has restored street lamps from the 1920s and 1930s. Checkout this beautiful sight.

Virginia Robinson Gardens

It is a beautiful and unique historic estate in Beverly Hills, known as a previous cultural jewel that transports the valued visitors back to the Beverly Hills’ birthplace which was built in 1922; it was once the resistance of retail giants Virginia and Harry Robinson. Beverly Hills has so much to offer when it comes to history, entertainment, and fun.

So gets in toch with us nw, and let us hlp you bring yourself back to your healthy lifestyle!